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Anticipate & implement meaningful change in your business to turn BREXIT to your advantage

​We can help you shape your organisation across countries to optimise your business strategy whilst complying with the regulatory changes implied.


Our consultancy firm can help you understand the impact of BREXIT on your workforce and implement international solutions with  control and with a good understanding of your business and legal options in continental Europe.

Contact us to discuss what BREXIT means to your business!

Talent Management

& Mobility Policies

New talent management should be reconsidered at the group level to adapt the company strategy to the new BREXIT constraints between the UK and the EU.

Mobility policies should be adapted to the needs for talent in the existing or future group structure between the UK and EU countries.


Scenario Planning & Implementation

Scenario planning for business transformation based on multiple new locations in the UE can help  anticipate the best organisational options and drive cost assessment and risk management.

Implementation through TUPE (transfer of undertakings), offshoring, outsourcing and integration post transformation should be planned and considered at an early stage.

New Immigration & HR Processes

New immigration management of talent must be studied and aligned with post BREXIT restrictions: communication, policies, assistance, Visa management to updated by HR.

New HR processes  to take on board the new immigration constraints and to set up the best tools for a better integration of new immigration matters.


HR Bridge Consulting Ltd is a member of the French Chamber of Great Britain

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