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HR Bridge Consulting creates synergies
with selected partners in business

We are partners in business with PAC Conseil Ltd and Value Squared to offer our clients the support they need in their projects across the spectrum of international consultancy.

Our partnership with
PAC Conseil Ltd
to deliver
transformation programmes
& cross-cultural change

PAC Conseil work with multinational businesses helping to navigate complex environments and cross-cultural pitfalls throughout transformation project lifetimes.


Multiple languages, different cultures, varying regulations, power structures and communication barriers can all be challenges to the successful delivery of a change or transformation which PAC Conseil are adept in overcoming.

Regardless of the size of the clients, the type of change required or the ambitious nature of their transformation, we are able to tailor a solution which will ensure successful delivery and long-lasting positive benefits for both employees and the business bottom line.

PAC Conseil and HR Bridge Consulting bring complementary solutions, skills and resources across HR and project management whilst sharing the same business DNA and values.

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Our partnership with
Value Squared
to boost the value of businesses & brands

Value Squared create Value beyond Value


Value Squared is a boutique consultancy that boosts the value of businesses and brands from start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs to corporations. They help companies outperform their market whilst also being ahead in reaching top environmental and social responsibility goals. 

Value squared conciliate high ethical values and high value performance is the fast growing challenge facing all organisations, from start-ups to big corps.

Value Squared’s unique approach allows to speed the value creation process whilst reducing the pressure on businesses and brands. They uniquely reconcile monetary business value with high moral value - bringing the best for profit, people and planet.

Value Squared and HR Bridge Consulting bring consulting to a holistic dimension for investors, entrepreneurs and groups who want to create value through ESG and people at the same time.


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Tourism & Travel

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GEOS Group

Security & Risk Management


SI Group


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Eurostar Thalys

& Tourism

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Brittany Ferries

Shipping, Ferries

& Tourism

“HR Bridge Consulting really help GEOS breach the gap between our French culture and HR practice and UK standards. They add value with their approachable presence and their business driven services.”

—  Cécile Pivert  — 
HR Director of GEOS Group

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