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We Offer

HR Bridge Consulting

builds the bridge between international Human Resources

in both regulation and best practice

We are a boutique consultancy firm that provides solutions to international companies who put Human Resources at the heart of their strategy

International HR Operations

We offer HR management support from in-field to C-Level with a real international and solution driven approach. We help you improve HR positioning in day to day practice across countries, but also when projects and interim support are needed.


Employment law across European countries

We support upon Employee Relations and employment matters in most European countries, with a focus on the UK & France. We help you coordinate legal regulations around projects, collective bargaining or just to improve business as usual.

Projects & Corporate restructuring

We provide management consultancy that integrates HR strategy in your projects to translate the best value proposition to your staff. We advise on business transformation across countries and help you deliver sustainable  solutions for your organisation.

Redundancy programmes in France & UK

We are specialised in collective redundancy programmes  for British groups with workforce and light HR support in France.

We help you plan and implement complex redundancy law and capitalise on experience with HR teams.

We make you save time and money on projects.

Your redundancy programmes become success stories.


We stimulate international HR expertise by asking the right questions on behalf of our clients.

"In international HR, you

don't know what you don't know"

We find the answers for you

and with you!

At HR Bridge Consulting, we help build the bridge between your HR teams to make your HR more global and more agile with multiple regulatory environments

HR is a strategic and crucial matter for business success and sustainable performance. We want to make HR practice flourish and be at the heart of your key corporate decisions.

HR practices vary greatly between countries and their complexity can be seen as a hindrance to international business development. We assist HR teams at building up sustainable understanding and knowledge in those new territories.


Truly passionate about international HR and business strategy

We are not another HR company with just the local knowledge you already have. We aim to add value to your HR teams and your business.

We are truly passionate, approachable and independent. Our experience brings in creativity and collaboration to your HR and management teams.

We build up trust and long term relationships with our clients.


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Tourism & Travel

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GEOS Group

Security & Risk Management


SI Group


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Eurostar Thalys

& Tourism

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Brittany Ferries

Shipping, Ferries

& Tourism

“HR Bridge Consulting really help GEOS breach the gap between our French culture and HR practice and UK standards. They add value with their approachable presence and their business driven services.”

—  Cécile Pivert  — 
HR Director of GEOS Group

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