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The COVID-19 crisis is putting Human Resources in the front line for corporate survival

HR BRIDGE Consulting

HR Bridge Consulting builds the bridge between international Human Resources
in both regulation and best practice

We are a consultancy firm that offers

                  HR transition management

                                 in the UK and France.

We help you manage and support your HR teams, from C-Level to operation level, during transition periods and transformation programmes.

We provide real international HR experience and skills.

With HR Bridge Consulting,

     HR teams can reflect peacefully and

           creatively on changes in the long run.

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HR Transition Management

Transition management will be a strategic solution to handle the end of lockdown. Since the 2008 financial crisis, an increasing number of companies have used that model to boost post-crisis recovery.

Transition management can be an efficient way to get extra expertise to reshape HR leadership under new business circumstances.

We know how to assist your management and fit into your corporate culture while providing innovative HR practices and solutions to face business requirements and financial challenges.

Business Transformation

Business transformation is likely to be required to respond to the new market and demand post-Covid-19.


Creativity, innovation, agility and speed of implementation will be key for success.

Market transformations are likely to be substantial and numerous companies will be expected to engage in M&A, TUPE or some forms of organic transformation.

We can help you prepare most of  transformation projects, plan them, budget them with your HR teams and implement them in a timely and successful manner.


HR Bridge Consulting Ltd is a member of the French Chamber of Great Britain

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